About Us

We are the Penny that makes the Dollar

STI engineering services provides support to business requirements by understanding their specific and complex needs. More than a supplier, we are committed partner to add value to your business innovation, without ignoring the quality of the product.

It becomes the requirement of the organizations to be unique and to be differentiated in the market due to the level of competition increase in the market and the business world. We at STI try to emerge our self in to the world of specialized services for the clients and to prove that we are the unique one to serve the industries that require special care and kindness.

STI engineering services, consisting of a team of highly motivated engineers, brings together many years experience in the engineering industry. We establish close working relationships with all our clients to understand their needs, and to meet their exact requirements.

Our core business is to provide services to solve the problems and the customers to exploit the market opportunities, by exceeding customer expectations, by providing technology, experience and processes that help to accelerate time to market, improve quality and reduce costs to the customers.

STI teams are skilled in many areas and delivers high quality services with tailor made services for the clients to explore the new technologies for their market.