Application Engineering

MCPR: Module control programming and Reprogramming. The Virtual Automobile Mechanic for Ford Vehicles
MCPR is an application designed for FORD US, which controls the entire Module through the programming language. Here module refers to the module of a vehicle like engine, brakes, etc.The whole process is achieved by creating a virtual automobile atmosphere by using certain devices and tools, thus giving an effect of real time Module testing.

Working: Generally, we need a mechanic to detect the fault of the vehicle by checking physically the automobile parts like the brakes, engine, clutch, accelerator, electronic control module, etc .But MCPR is an application which detects all the faults of the vehicle without the presence of any mechanic by merely running the MCPR application in a system (laptop/Palmtop, etc) while connected to the module or the vehicle.

Appropriate coding/programs is written for the modules and accordingly the tests are run. The MCPR is broadly divided into 2 categories:

DS: Integrated Digital System. It’s an MCPR application which runs on Desktop or laptop and is connected to the Control unit of the vehicle through the Data Link Communicator cable .Thus the test runs and detects the fault of the vehicle present and displays the fault list in the screen of the Laptop or desktop.

PDS: Portable Digital system It’s also an MCPR application which runs on portable devices like PDA, Palmtop, Blackberry, etc and this is connected to the control unit of the vehicle through a DLC cable and a Cancase. As soon as the test runs, it displays all the faults of the vehicle in the PDA or palmtop screen.

Quality: We have a two level quality system for the validation of the strategy. The First level of the quality system identifies the further scopes and the additional technical information that can be added to the strategy, While the Second level of the system identifies the scope with respect to the clients expectations and requirements and the ordination towards the guidelines set by the manufacturer.

Client Coordination:
As the Service is more related to the specifications and the relevant design documents, the communication of documents are made through separate secured website. Period online meetings are conducted to update the client with respect to the project schedule and to understand his priorities and requirements.

Projects (Modules) handled.
Engine Systems
Transmission systems
Restraint systems
Electronic Brake systems
In car entertainment systems
Navigation systems
Anti brake locking systems
Audio amplifier systems
A/c and Heating systems
Instrument cluster systems
Body control systems
Voice control systems
Parking aid systems
Seat control systems
Vehicle Remote systems

Programming Languages: VC++, XML, Dot Com
Testing done: Sanity testing on IDS/PDS/FMP, Test Database from Test PC, on all OS.
Hardware Used: ECU, DLC cable, VCM, VLS, Cancase/Multicom/Cancard