Automated Parking System

STI is working on engineering projects for Robotic Parking™ Systems, a U.S. based designer, manufacturer and operator of fully automated, modular parking systems that can accommodate from 100 to 5000+ cars where space is limited. Twice the number of cars can be parked in the same space as a conventional garage or only half the space is required to park the same number of cars from a conventional garage.

The fully automated garage is a seven level facility with a capacity for storing 765 cars. STI developed 'Garage Manager', using GE Fanuc CIMPLICITY software, provides the core logic and is the engine that manages the operations of the garage to store and retrieve cars and pallets. It operates using both wired and wireless communications and is serviced by a total of eight entry/exit gates, eighteen carrier/rack-entry modules, five lifts and an integrated pallet management system.

The Garage Manager software manages the automatic storage and retrieval of cars. It determines the optimal slots for storage and also the optimal route to the slots based on the availability of resources to transport the cars. The CIMPLICITY Tracker based Garage Manager is a highly configurable system. It supports modifying garage characteristics dynamically to adapt to demand and circumstances even while the garage is in operation

Each of the eight entry-exit gates can be individually configured to serve as an entry or exit gate. All eight gates can be set to be entry or all eight can be used as exit or any combination in between depending on the time of day and the traffic patterns with respect to the garage. Similarly, the garage resources can be enabled or disabled dynamically to adapt to power constraints wherein specific carriers and/or lifts can be shutdown manually or automatically and the garage will continue to operate within the operating constraints using the available resources.