Automotive Engineering

It is part of Mechanical engineering dealing with Automobiles. Incorporating elements of electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering It involves diagnostic solutions to Ford Motors and Jaguar and Land rover under Teradyne.

It comprises authoring of Diagnostic strategy, Pinpoint test, create DTC and Fault populations.
For Pinpoint test we are using a Ford specified tool, SPA (Single Point Authoring).
From the circuit diagram provided by Ford/Jaguar & Landrover we prepare pinpoints.
Analyze Connectors

It’s a Knowledge process outsourcing done for the Automobile industry. The main purpose of the work is to reduce the service time and the false parts replacement time and cost of the automobiles at the dealership end with advanced diagnostic procedures, which will guide them the whole process to troubleshoot for any specific issue related to the vehicle system. With these kinds of strategies even technicians having minimum knowledge about vehicle can go for the troubleshooting of the issues identified.

Analysis: 1. Diagnostic Authoring: Scope of work: The team is an exceptional blend of expert and proficient diagnostic authors, that is currently involved in creating diagnostic strategies with the help for Environment (tool) supplied be the clients for different models of passenger cars of current and of the near future (which includes Ford, Jaguar and Land Rover) based on the design information mentioned below

wiring schematics.
Module specifications.
Mechanic fault reports from the Test Bed or DVT (Design verification Test).

The preparation of diagnostic strategies includes the following:

Provision of Special guides with Yes/No outcome for easier end technician usage.
Provision for commanding the actuators through the module.
Provision for confirmation of defective components.
linking the special Technical Service Bulletins as and when it is required by the manufacturer.
Generic strategy preparation for the components (sensors and actuators) with their associated modules to eliminate the preliminary issues like Short circuit and Open circuit faults.
These developed strategies are further embedded into diagnostic scanner equipment called IDS (Integrated Diagnostic Software) tool.

Design of Diagnostic Strategy:
The Total strategy covers the following areas.
Fault Populations
For each of the components the possible fault conditions will be listed out, for the confirmation of the Component or System engineer from the design side before moving on to the diagnosis strategy.
Pre-diagnostic Section
The Safety of the end user and the product is concentrated on this part of the strategy, providing the information regarding the product with warnings and caution to be taken before moving forward. This section also provides the basis knowledge of for specific components to the technicians and supplies the summary of the overall diagnostics to be undergone, with a pictorial representation of the specific Areas to be accessed
Tables (Optional)
This area of Pre diagnostic section provides the technicians with the information on unit’s conversions regarding that particular component or system, based on the source availability.
Diagnostic procedure.
This is the Main part of the strategy, as it provides the user with the information on What, Where, How and When to be done.
To make it user friendly, the procedure, gives the details on the requirements before each and every step of the procedure from the Ignition position of the vehicle till the Lead out identifications of the components and the modules. The steps of the procedure is interlinked with the Yes and No outcomes, which helps the end user to proceed with confusions and also Error Reports are provided for him get clarified and move further.